Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday continues to Friday morning

So I got to sleep around midnight and Gilli started crying later and I just told her SHH and tried to go back to sleep WITHOUT looking at the time since it makes me more tired if I do. So then I hear her whining and walking toward my room so I again say SHH and try to ignore her but then as she gets closer to my room I can smell her. Yes I could smell her poopiness before she got to my room so I, in denial, try to ignore her and she comes in and cries "I'm POOOOOPPPYYY" so I make myself wake up to change her but still try to stay half asleep so I can fall asleep easy later. But when I get to the living room and turn on the light I see poop everywhere she was leaking out of her diaper and out her pants and down her leg and on her blanket (she fell asleep on the living room couch) And on the couch (good thing I still have Monique's carpet cleaner) So I spent some time cleaning her off and the couch off and the blanket off and put everything in a basket by the back door to wash in the morning and go back to bed only to wake up late and have to rush to get the kids ready, who by the way just want to fight this morning. So I finally get them off and Gillian is poopy again that is 6 times yesterday once last night and already once this morning. Gilli must have a bug or something because this is rediculous.

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