Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday


Crochet thread size 10 and 7 needle.

All stitches are done in the in 4th chain from hook.
Chain 4, 3Tr, ch 4, sl st,
ch 5, 3 Dtr, ch 5, sl st,
ch5, 3Dtr, ch 5, sl st,
ch 4, 3 tr, ch 4, sl st.
For earrings or just a butterfly stop here and finish off.

For a bookmark keep going and do NOT finish off.

Chain 80 -100 (depending on how long you would like your bookmark)
3 dc in the 4th chain from hook, chain 3 3 dc in same stitch, chain three, sl st in same stitch, sl st in each stitch across back up to butterfly. Sl st in last stitch on butterfly, and finish off.

To make the antenna. You just need to wrap the thread around the body several times ending and starting at the top and tie a know at the top. Cut the even after tying.

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Monique said...

These are too cute!

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