Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

Triple Round Earrings

I always use a Steel hook 7, and crochet thread size 10.
but you could use whichever one you like to make bigger or smaller earrings.

Chain 5. Sl st in to 1st chain to form ring.

Chain 1, sc 9 times into ring.

Chain 3, dc in same space, dc twice into each sc. Sl st in 1st st to finish. Finish off leaving long thread for attaching.

Make three. Connect to each other on opposite ends. Finish off by hiding ends.

(I am really loving the gold color I bought I love the way the square and circle ones look in it too)


Monique said...

I like these better than the single round. Too cute.

Bridget said...

Thanks I just made then last night I love them too. Maybe I will make you some if only I knew what color...hmm

H said...

Now,if I only knew what "Sl st" meant I'd be all set.

Bridget said...

Sl st- means slip stitch. Sorry Helena, I will make them more clear. ;)

Chelle said...

I really like these, are they made with crochet thread, embroidery thread, or just yarn? I am a beginner but would really like to try to make these

Bridget said...

I always use crochet thread size 10. Sorry I will put that in my patterns.

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