Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shopping with 5 kids

Ok so what are your first initial thoughts?

Well that's probably what I think normally too but this time my main focus set on a different goal.
My goal was to have well behaved kids while I shop, and not to get the shopping done fast and done right now.
So I got to the store and yes it was Wally world. And I started to get Jeremiah out and buckled in the cart and Jacob was not behaving so I calmly told him that we would just go home with no food for dinner and breakfast. (yes I waited until I had no food before I went-need I remind you I have 5 kids) And that he could go to bed without dinner if he chose to misbehave. He didn't believe me (why would he He's never gone without food before- even if I said he would) so he kept it up so we got back in the car and he got quiet. So I asked him if he had decided to behave. He said yes so we got back out and then after I told Savannah she could not get out of the cart during the shopping she got mad and started screaming. So again I told her we would just leave with out food if she kept it up. She did. So I put the other kids back in the car and she got quiet. I asked her if she was going to be quiet and reverent during the shopping--yes I said reverent! She didn't say anything so I told her if she didn't answer me we would go home too. So she didn't believe me and she just sat there so I got back in the car and she screamed at me I ignored her and she started crying and then stopped and said "YES" So I got everybody back out only to have Jacob run off far in front of so I stopped again and told the kids if they wanted dinner at all they would have to stay with me, be quiet, and reverent. So it went like that the whole time, each time I would stop and state what I expected and if they didn't change their behavior I would grab my stuff (and did a couple times) and start to leave.

Positive side
-kids are better behaved
-no embarrassing moments for mom
-no screaming at kids
-no frustrated mom

Negative side
-getting to and from the store takes 3 times as long
-shopping took over an hour for just about 10 items
-kids didn't eat dinner until after nine
-kids whined about being hungry the whole time

Still more positive for me at least.


proud parents said...

Way to commit! Good for you!

H said...

Impessive. Don't you wish you had that kind of patience and committment every time?!

FizixMamma said...

Keep it up! Kids at the store can be such a hassle, so train them now and the hassle will be gone, right?

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