Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday without Jason

The day was mostly normal minus Gilli throwing up on my bedroom carpet and the Living room rug (in blue and green fruit loops) So I borrow Monique's carpet cleaner. And clean the carpets several times....its very hard to get blue and green fruit loops out. Then the kids come home from school and the mayhem begins. Chase needs help with EVERY math problem on his 4 pages of homework. Savannah and Jacob keep hitting each other all night. Gilli joins the fun and pulls Savannah's hair. So I take them to Del Taco (we had coupons) and the mayhem continues the kids climb on the table while i order and scream at each other while everyone glares at me. They keep horsing around until we leave no matter how I tell them to stop. Then they fight in the car all the way home. Then we get home and I missed Jason's call GREAT! so I call him back and Savannah decides to jump on the couch while I am occupied. Then she throws the pillows all over and I get really mad. So I decide its bed time and everyone goes to bed. Minus Gilli who keeps coming out saying she needs a drink and a hug and a drink and a drink and "I need to watch a movie" and "I need to sit next to mommy" and anything else she can come up with until I just let her fall asleep on the couch because its easier. So I finish watching my movies and fall asleep for 30 minutes until Jeremiah wakes up to nurse and every 2 hours after. Then I will have to wake up by 7 to get the kids ready for school. UGG!


Pistolmom said...

I am very involved with the 912 Project. If you go onto the website and click on Stand and Lead, you will meet hundreds of people just like you who are concerned for our nation. Read the comments and ideas. Please take this seriously; especially those of us that are LDS.
LDS view
Secular view

Women and Mothers need to stand up!

H said...

Hmm. I wonder if "Pistolmom" is suggesting that if you had pulled out a piston on your kids that they would have behaved and listened. ?! JK!

I'm fortunate that when Bill is gone I get to declare it "girl's night" and the 3 of us have more fun than when he is here. (Did I just say that?!) Usually, dinner is popcorn or something equally nutritious and easy to make.

Bridget said...

I don't know what she means. What???

Rachel said...

Whenever I see parents struggling with kids in public I think of that quote by sister Hinckly when she says,
"Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Isn't it so true? It's a hard world out there and we just need each others help.

Anyway, sorry for your hard day(s) and hope Jason gets home to you soon. You're a stronger woman than I!

P.S. What the heck? People are spamming our blogs????

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