Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I had a great birthday! Monique and I hung out and went to the library and then we went to my house where she insisted making her lunch equaled doing my dishes but I so don't agree. Then I laid down with Gilli on the couch for a half hour. Got up cleaned the house and Jason made dinner for me and the kids, thank you very much. Then all the Davis' came over surprise to me and She made me a cake, good thing she told me it was just sad if I made my own cake and I needed to have Jason make it for me.
My sister, mom, and dad called me to wish me a Happy Birthday. My brother and lots of friends emailed or messaged me Happy Birthday. It was a great day.


Monique said...

Now you can quit feeling anxious about it. Its all over. :)

H said...

Dude, seriously, how did I miss this? I take 2 days off my bloglines and what the heck?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I spent all day yesterday racking my brain trying to figure out who shared a birthday with my mother-in-law and just couldn't come up with it. Well crap, I'm glad you had a great day in spite of the fact that I missed it... I know your world revolves around me (har-har)!

Crystal said...

YOu don't look a day over 20. Happy birthday!

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