Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!!

Whoo Hoo!!! Its my Birthday!!! I am




how old do you think I am

I have 5 kids

and have been married for 9 years.....

I am 28!!!
Yes I know I cant possibly have 5 kids and be 28 but guess what I am and if you add 18 to that I will be 48 when Jeremiah is 18 so WHOO HOO for me!!!!!


Monique said...

Happy Birthday Bridget!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Rachel said...

Sorry for the late well wishes, but we've been vacationing for Davey's spring break visiting all the church history sites. It's awesome, and now we're in Boston and I finally have internet connection and I just had to leave a little note to say thanks for being a great blog friend and I hope someday we can be more. (ha ha that sounds like I'm coming on to you:) Oh and I'll be 48 when my FIRST CHILD turns 18, so congrats on that! :)

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