Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in review

This year has been better than the last. (but then again last year really sucked so it wasn't hard to top)
Jacob turned 6 and started 1st grade this year. His teacher says he is doing great at everything and excels in most subjects especially reading. Jacob played soccer this year for the very first time. He excels at this too...if only he wouldn't hog the ball and block his own players, but for his first time playing ever I think he did great.

Chase turned 9 and has been doing scouting for a while. He really gets into it. He still loves to draw and does so every chance he gets. On every paper he can find. He acts goofy every chance he gets to just the other day I saw him doing a weird dance for Jeremiah and when I asked what he was doing he just said "dancing".

Gillian turned 2 and is still in nursery she loves it and yes they did start teaching a lesson and reading books and other stuff. she can pretty much repeat everything you say and tells me things like " I go get my baby you stay here. I be right back." I love it so much. She however does get Savannah's attitude sometimes, and tells me "no I don't want to, I hate you." She hasn't been potty trained but I am working on this slowly I just get so frustrated when I sit with her for 15 minutes and NOTHING! Then I get her off the potty and she pees, but we will keep working slowly She cant stay in diapers forever, right.

Jeremiah was born in September and is growing fast. He can already roll over from front to back. Hold himself up in the Bumbo seat. And do the superman on his tummy. He is cooing like crazy, and whacking everything with his arms. He still nurses every two hours but sometimes gets a 4 hour nap in at 7pm.

Savannah turned 5 and started kindergarten, and loves it. Her teacher says she does great in class and everyone likes her. She sounds out every letter in a word to try to figure it out. I love it. She is still so small that the school clothes that they sell didn't fit her so she had all dresses for school. She did get her first thing of lice from school, and it took two weeks to get rid of it all. She does get her moms attitude sometimes and wont do anything for me but I guess I have to expect that from a 5 year old

Jason still has the same great job. Even through the cut backs. We were lucky. I has even managed to keep getting 40 hours a week even with the economy being slow. Jason turned 36 this year, and I pick on him for being so old all the time. :) Jason works hard to keep us with all the things that a growing family needs. We may not get everything that we want but who does?

I have been doing fine this year. I again forgot about my goals I set last year but this isn't something new. I did learn some new crafting things. I learned some new cooking skills too. I also read some books too so I did accomplish some things I wanted to do. Just not the real important stuff. (Of course if I go off of Helena's comment I pretty much don't need goals for this year since I can cross them off with her thinking :) thank Helena) Also I do have to say that since I started blogging more I feel good about keeping up with all this family stuff that should be journaled(sp). I turned 27 and didn't really notice since its not really a big deal. I always thought birthdays would be a big deal but the last 2 years haven't really mattered. I did accomplish one big goal that I didn't tell anyone which was getting my recommend current again so I do feel great about that. I guess I need to be a lot less worrisome this year I think my problem is I want to have everything done and perfect Right Now and if it isn't I get frustrated and stress, but anyway this is what I sum up our year as.


H said...

There is a time and a season for everything Bridget. You can't have everything, do everything, or be everything to everyone right now so stop trying... it will surely make you crazy if you keep it up. I think your untold goal was a very worthy one with eternal consequences greater than any other goal you could have made. Way to go!

As for birthdays... I've had one more than Jason and was your age when I had Kyra. They don't matter, but yet, they do.

Rachel said...

Dear Bridget,

I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate reading your blog. Your humility and strength are an example to me. I know you mostly blog for your family, but thanks for letting me peek in, it enriches my life. Much love to you and your kiddos, Rachel

p.s. YOU ARE ONLY 27!!???!!!

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