Saturday, January 3, 2009

Whoo Hoo Diapers!!!!!

I know I shouldn't be this excited about diapers... especially since it means an extra load of laundry a week but I am soooo excited!!! These are the once I picked.I got 5 different colors (baby blue, blue, green, white, and purple, yes I said purple I liked the color) and yes I got "all in one's" even though people said they might leak. but I just liked them better and the are one size so the same diaper can be used on Gilli and Jerem. Savannah was so excited she helped me open them and said "its like Christmas" And yes it is like Christmas, for me anyway.

P.S. I just got them and opened them and put one on each kid and took a pic and blogged in less then 15 min. Yes that how excited I am!


Crystal said...

I love the one size fits all as well. It's nice to know that they can never outgrow them. These look like really cute and good quality diapers. Congrats!

Monique said...

Finally, right?! I hope they work out great, they sure look nice. :)

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