Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear Rachel,

Yes I am only 27.

I was 18 when I had Chase and yes we did it a bit backwards. We had Chase in May and got married in October, but whatever I eventually got it right. Then in November I got baptized and had to learn how to not wear tanks and mini shorts. (of course if someone told me to just gain weight and I would want to wear them that would have been easier)

But Chase was my preemie baby (3lbs 7 oz) and I had to have him c-section, because his umbilical cord grew in to the sac, but everything worked out and I figured I was done since everything was so difficult.

Then I told Jason to get fixed and the day before he was going to go in I ask him if was reversible and he just looked at me and said if you want more I am not getting it in the first place.

So then we had Jacob and of course I still wanted a girl so we had to try again.

And then Savannah (by the way her name was supposed to be Gillian but a week before she was due I sided with Jason and named her Savannah like he wanted) so I figured I was done but then we moved back to AZ (from Missouri) and found out I was pregnant again, only to miscarry two weeks later.

So I said I am totally done this is too hard only to find that if you don't really use a birth control you get pregnant anyway.

So we had Gillian.

Then this time I was on the phone with the doctor explaining this whole story and told him I needed something other than surgery (since I didn't handle the first one that well) but long term and he suggested IUD so I was told to make an appointment when my period came, so I waited and waited and it never came but Jeremiah did. (he was the only one not to have a name already picked out before we went to the hospital and almost went home without one too).

So yes I am 27 and have 5 kids and its all because I have a lack of will power to finish what I start. So I finally finished what I started and we are done having kids. At least for the next 10

Signed Bridget, the slacker who didn't want any kids in high school and now has more than most of my friends.

P.S. My kids just told me they want to have 2 million kids (Jacob) 1 to 2 kids (Chase) 42 (Savannah) Gilli just kept saying.... me, me, me, kids.... and Traeana and Taylor both said 3. So we will see just how big our family gets.


H said...

I think you finished what you started several times... 5 to be exact :)

Once more when you got married.
Once more when you got baptized.
Once more when you went to the temple.
Once more when you were sealed.

See all the follow through you have?

Pat, pat on the back!

Bridget said...

Actually not really that just means Jason finished at least 5 times. So one when we got married, one when I got baptized, one when I went to the temple, and we haven't been sealed yet. So only four times by my count.

Rachel said...

Bridget you are hilarious. Both for your post and your comment(am I reading into the first line of your comment or was that a purposeful HILARIOUS bit of wit?). In fact, Davey just yelled at me for laughing too loud while reading it. I told him life is too short to hold in my laughter just cause he's reading a book next to me. So there!

I thought I wanted two million kids like Jacob, but turns out I'm like you and one of my weaknesses is a lack of discipline. But not for long! I figure if kids don't teach me discipline than nothing will, you're just a bit faster at starting/swimming in the lesson than me, you youngin'!

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