Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So Frustrating

I was doing stuff yesterday and heard Gilli in my bathroom so I freaked out and assumed the worst. But when I got there she looked at me with her guilty look and then said
"Don't look at my poop" (there wasn't poop anywhere) so I ask
"Did you poop?"
She was next to the toilet and pooped in her diaper! UGGG

Then today I put a clean diaper on her and she comes in my room 5 minutes later and throws it at me. She already peed in it so I wait a couple minutes and put her on the potty, Jeremiah starts crying so I go to my room to get him when I get back she is standing on the lid of the potty and peed on the floor! So this time she still could have and still didn't. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

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FizixMamma said...

I'll be glad not stop changing diapers but I'm glad to still be awys off from this kind stress with Little John. Have you tried a sticker chart or rewards system, it worked well for my younger siblings.

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