Friday, January 9, 2009

Jeremiah is defiantly spoiled!

We had a race with the clock this morning. See if we can get 4 kids to eat, 3 kids to get dressed finish homework (yes I know but they have packets given to them on Monday and its due Friday, so sometimes we forget) Then mom checks both kids homework, and signs it, then makes 3 lunches, and the whole time keeps the baby happy, All In 30 Minutes. Well you would think keeping the baby happy would be last on my list since its only 30 minutes and other things are more important, but I just realized that I held Jeremiah the whole time and when I needed two hands I made Chase or Jacob hold him instead of just setting him down. What was I thinking...or not thinking. Some how we all made the bus just one minute before it came, jackets and homework....I did forget a race entry form for next Saturday. They'll take it on Monday right?

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