Thursday, January 15, 2009


My mom and I (more my mom and not I) are having a yard sale. All day Friday and part of the day Saturday. I hate yard sales they take up so much time and you hardly make money, but I guess its fine I just have so much other stuff to be doing, but everything that doesn't go will be taken to a Thrift store after so I will still be getting rid of "clutter type stuff" Good for me good for ...others? But I still have to take the kids to a race Saturday morning and I am supposed to be doing other stuff too. So I can try to squish everything in one, right?

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proud parents said...

I hate yard sales too! My philosophy: if it's not good enough for E-Bay, then it's good enough for DI! I was wondering if that was what was going on when Maren and I walked by yesterday on our afternoon walk! Too bad we can't stop by today and help you out!

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