Friday, May 25, 2012

Gillian's Graduation

Gillian has been so happy all week because she was going to graduate and be a 1st grader, even at the Ceremony she was so happy and at the party after, and even at Taylor's Graduation too. Then on the way home she cried and cried and cried. Seriously all the way home...45 min...well I was going kinda fast so less than that but anyway. She doesn't want to be a 1st grader anymore because she doesn't want to miss her teacher Mr. Moses Sausedo. "He's the best teacher in the whole world" and she wants to keep seeing him and I tried to tell her she was going to have fun this summer and try to think about something fun she wanted to do and she said, "call him and write him letters and go to his house and see him and give him a hug and I cant even remember what else but everything was a sad reminder she wasn't going to see him. I even told her she could go visit him next year and she told me she wasn't aloud to go to his class if she wasn't in his class next year. I just could not help. So I stopped trying to help and just let her cry the rest of the way home.


Liz said...

That's so sweet that she liked her teacher so much. Hopefully when she starts first grade in the fall the tears don't start rolling again.

Bridget Hopkins said...

I love her teacher he was so great! And I hope the tears stop before the end of summer LOL but I also hope she doesn't start again when school starts again too. Thanks

H said...

Poor, sad Gillian.

I'm glad the dad behind her dressed up for the graduation... NOT!

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