Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diamondbacks game

Chase's school won a raffle and got a whole section at the game Tuesday. So we got to go. Jason stayed home for two reasons one he doesn't like to watch baseball and two he said if I took the two little ones I wouldn't have any fun since I would be chasing them around the whole time. So it was just me and the three big kids. It was a nice day out and very windy!

And yes they lost and yes I was mad because they were winning for six innings and then just gave up and let the Dodgers get 5 runs in the seventh and I was so mad! LOL like I could control it or something right? silly me...


H said...

I LOVE Jacobs long hair! I'm sending Bill to this post so he won't cut Paytons. WOOHOO!

Bridget Hopkins said...

Jason hates it but I love it and everyone I know loves it too so we keep it long but Jason always asks to cute it. LOL

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