Friday, May 25, 2012

Taylor's Graduation

Shes so grown up and I still remember when she was Gillian's size when I met her and I cant believe she so old! Congrats Taylor!! This pic is a bit older but I don't have a smaller pic of her on my computer. I met her in 1998 and this was 2003.


Liz said...

Taylor graduated?! Has it really been that long since you guys moved out? Time sure does fly.

Bridget Hopkins said...

Yes its been so long! Trae graduated last year and had been in Tuscon all this year.

H said...

Oh my heck! Go Taylor. What is she doing next year? What's up with Trae. I need DEETS! Or at least send them my love.

Bridget Hopkins said...

Trae has been in Tucson this year working hard to be a pediatrician. Taylor is staying in town and going to school here shes thinking of anthropology right now but has changed 3 times I think. I will tell them you send love!

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