Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Update

Chase Jacob and Savannah are doing well in school. Chase is in 6th grade. Jacob is in 3rd grade and Savannah is in 2nd.

Chase has to walk to school while Jacob and Savannah ride the bus. This school doesn't let 5th or 6th ride the bus. Chase thinks he is going to make a magic______??? its a new thing every week once it was a wand then it was a car then a house. I never know what he thinks he is gonna creates when he grows up. lol

Savannah has a hard time wanting to go to school in the mornings but after I make her go she is fine and comes home excited. Other than that she is doing great. Most of the time. She likes to start fights with Chase and egg him on to hit her so he gets in trouble and if I tell her to go to time out because I know that she started it she likes to say I don't love her. lol She's such a drama queen.

Jacob is having a hard time with soccer this year he moved up a level and the field is twice as big and there are more rules and He isn't on a team with any of his friends so he is starting completely over. He gets really tired and has a hard time keeping up with the ball. I like it and I don't. I like that he has to work harder to get what he wants so he learns that not everything comes easy. But I don't like that he has to learns it all at once.

Gillian is doing very well with her letters and numbers. She can count to 20. I asked her to count higher but she told me know. lol She likes to tell me what she "cant" do. And even knows what all the letters look like. She can even "read" words. That she has seen before. I think she is guessing but you know what I mean. She is so loud and energetic. She is also jealous, possessive, and persistent. She has such bad mood swings I cant handle it most of the time. I get so frustrated that I have to either walk away or let Jason handle it. She will play with Jeremiah all day and then all of a sudden she is in a fight to death battle over one toy that she just has to have. She can pretend all day that she is a puppy or a ..... and I mean all day I try to go to the store and she tells me (she happens to be a talking dog) she cant go to the store because dogs aren't aloud or because dogs cant wear shoes. or whatever her reason is. lol So I convince her to dress and put shoes on to go to the store and when we get there she barks at all the shoppers while I shop.

Jeremiah says "I love you too" and "Thank you" He also says "Me" if I ask who spilled or who made a mess. He likes to take a nap at 10am and if he can't he likes to scream/cry until he finally does. He screamed all the way to Jacob's soccer game. (40 min drive) Basically the whole soccer game (1 hour) And most of the way home until he fell asleep. Then I had to stop at the store and he woke up and cried the rest of the way home and then at home until about an hour later he finally fell asleep. He can go for hours. But he is the cutest baby I know. He likes to climb on things like the couch and then jump off to the floor and say "uh!" like it took a lot of work. He likes to say please to get stuff likes treats but when you say no he cries and pulls on you until he falls down and keeps crying. He says ya and no to everything. He likes to say "stop" if you do something he doesn't like and then when I say "you stop" He says it back only it sounds like "OOO stp."

Jason is liking the new drive to work since its only 5 min. I am liking the new house since I can section things off better to clean. Upstairs and downstairs and kitchen and laundry are easier now. Since they are farther away from each other so I am less likely to move from room to room on accident (My mind likes to wander when I clean and if I pick up a kids toy and put it away I used to start cleaning their room) We are all getting used to the new neighborhood and the noises and sounds that go with it. The neighbor in front of us has a yard sale/fry bread sale every weekend. The neighbor next to her washes their dogs every night and it smells like wet dog when you go outside, well only if it doesn't cover up the manure smell. There are at least 5 dairy farms just south of us. Well anyway that is life for us right now.


H said...

Manure, wet dog, yard sales, and fry bread. yes, yes. Sounds awesome!

Bridget said...

Really? What sounds good about manure or wet dog??? lol

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