Friday, September 24, 2010

"New" is hard

I like that my house has upstairs but I don't like that the dishwasher is older. I like that I can clean the kitchen floor in 5 min and not in 20 like before, oh and it looks clean after I do it. But I don't like that I have to vacuum the stairs. I like that my washer and dryer are in the house instead of outside. I don't like that there's not enough room for my second fridge but I like that I can take a nap and not hear anything from downstairs. I love the huge tub in my bathroom. I love having 3 bathrooms cuz the two upstairs don't really get used since 90% of the time we are all downstairs and that bathroom is tiny and no tub to get dirty. I love that my computer and Jason's workout stuff is not in my room and my room is pretty and just for rest. I would like that there was a garage if I could use it but Jason talked me into letting him have it for both cars. Which is fine since I get a craft room instead. I don't like that the Fry's is farther away. (It was half a mile before and now just over a mile) Church is also farther. And earlier. (8am) But I like that we have more room and can organize better. I miss my island and the storage it held. I miss the big backyard, even though I never went outside unless it was to do laundry. I miss the park right in front of my house. I don't miss the Saltillo tile in my old house. I don't miss the mice or ants but I don't like the new friends we have either. (black widows) I miss my ward friends and neighbors from my old house, but I guess I have to make new friends. All in all I like my new house but I miss some things about my old house.


H said...

You're seeing the good and bad. Well done. Change is good!

Bridget said...

I said change is hard ...not

H said...

No, ya didn't! Don't make me argue with you on your blog!

Every time you said, "I don't miss..." or "I like this (new thing)..." you were saying that change is good.

So there. :P

Bridget said...

Fine you win.

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