Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is it!

This is the house we picked. After a long, and I mean long search and lots of talking and disagreeing. We picked an area and a house. I hate the idea of moving and being far from good friends, but its 5 miles or so from Jason's work saving 40 bucks a week and its bigger so we can all fit. And I have to say its much cheaper that our house now. So moving saves us on average 400 dollars a month. I can't really argue with that. I would love to save tons of money and have a bigger house and be closer to Jason's work. I just hate leaving my friends. I love our church friends and our close friends. I hope that we can still hang out no matter how far we are apart. And if they really love us they can move to Tolleson too....ok maybe not but I had to try, right? lol Anyway its 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 2 garage, nice neighborhood. And well did I mention the extra bedroom...I do have 5 kids and having more rooms is always good. I just have to find boxes, pack, move, unpack, figure out where to put stuff, and switch over all the utilities and the mail and the kids schools witch they just started, so that sucks a big one. But in the end I hope that we are happier and less stressed being able to fit more comfortably in a home.


H said...

AAAAHHHH! What the trash?
One day I'm talking to the girls about personal progress and planning for the Halloween party, the next they are telling me they are moving.
I repeat, AAAAHHHHH!
The Hopkins will be missed :(

Bridget said...

Thanks Helena. I will miss my ward family so much. I love my friends and calling and the kids friends and everything about this place. And this is the first time in 11 years that we stayed in one place for more than one year. So I am really attached.

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