Friday, August 6, 2010


I had my wisdom teeth taken out today. I was so scared to go. I have never had a tooth pulled and 3 out of 4 teeth were gonna have to be"dug" out (they were uncovered but still in the gums so he had to scrap the gum off the tooth to get it out) and then the one that was supposed to be simple broke and he had to drill the roots out. I wish I could have afforded to pay for the gas cuz the worst part for me was the needles in my gums. I hate needles!!!! Absolutely HATE THEM!!! and these hurt so Frickin' bad I cried and even kicked the "air" when he did the roof of my mouth. I look so stupid with my puffy cheeks and my droopy mouth since I still can't feel my mouth. But I have to try to think positive now that's its done in a couple days??? a week?? maybe I will feel better and have no more pain and have more room in my mouth! Yay!!! I don't remember what they told my I could eat other than applesauce so I haven't eaten anything yet. I just remember she said soft cold diet??? Anyway I guess I am gonna be fine since I have Jason and the girls here to help.


H said...

Soft cold diet = ice cream!!!
FYI...getting laughing gas doesn't get you out of the needle, it just makes you loopy so you don't realize what's happening. It's kind of a nice high. (oops, did I say that out loud?)

H said...

Oh, and hope you're feeling better soon. Ouch. I've had root canals but my wisdom teeth are still intact.

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