Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monique's wonderful birth

I have never seen a birth other than from my own point of view. (which is not looking down because I would stop laboring all together lol) So Monique was a great friend and let me come watch from a totally different point of view.
Watching someone give birth is amazing! I never think about what I am actually doing when I am doing it. I am amazed I did this 4 times (Chase was c-section) I don't think I would ever do this if I remembered what it was like that far down the road. Which is why I think most women forget or everyone would have one or none. But I was totally amazed at how Monique labored and did her breathing and stayed calm. I felt like a wimp watching her control her breathing and just focusing how she did.
I almost missed Monique's birth because Jason had to go to work, and you cant schedule a birth.But Jennifer was nice enough to offer to watch all my kids while I went. So I got to go in the morning and see everything through. Now yes we joke about the fact that the only reason I wanted to see her birth was because she saw my...
but honestly I don't remember that part of it. I just remember seeing a tiny bit of hair, and then a lot of hair, and then a BIG head, and then a even BIGGER body. But watching her give birth was so cool. And my thinking didn't really make sense while I was thinking it but, for some reason I didn't think the baby could be that big. Until I saw him. Then I kept thinking I DID THIS!!!! WHAT AM I NUTS!!!
But I am glad I got to see someone give birth. And really glad it was a close friend, you know so it doesn't get awkward and all.
Thanks Monique for letting me see your.... birth. lol


Monique said...

Now I don't have to plan another one so you can see...you got back from vacation just in time. LOL

Matthew J. said...

WAIT!!! Bridget, you saw Monique... being born?????

hehe read the last line of your post.

Still it is awesome to watch birth but then again there are other parts which no one should ever watch.

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