Sunday, June 28, 2009


was nice and fun to see friends from a long time ago. Lets see 4 years since we last visited and 6 years since we lived here. so long time. My one friend Jenae had 6 kids now her oldest is 8 and I haven't seen 2 of there kids and she hasn't seen 2 of mine. They are trying to convince me I should move back here, you know since they are so cool and all. lol but I still really like AZ and I dont know when I will want to move back here. Jason thought it was funny to say in 2 years when Trae is in collage he will move back and if "we want" to stay together "we" will all move. LIke he is just going to get up and move no matter what. ha ha lol But it was funny lol I am still laughing about it.

On another note today has been a real lazy day. up for church and eat Virginia's yummy lunch and off for a nap then hang out with family and not much else. Jason's sister will be here later tonight from Maryland. oh another thing that was funny is that Jason figured out that he has HALF of his parents grand kids. They have 14. That's too funny lol


proud parents said...

I used to say that once John graduated college, "we" would move far far away from here. And John was welcome to join "us" if he were so inclined!

Monique said...

I want someone to cook for me...

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