Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am really sad

I don't read blogs or blog anymore. I want to but every time I think about it I forget and do something else. Then when I come in the room to check blogs I forget and check email instead. I haven't blogged about our vacation, or Jeremiah getting ready to walk or Gilli's cute sayings, or my frustrating chore list, or anything I like or the earrings I crocheted but don't know if I like or the loofa ball I made that looks cool. I just sit and watch the kids play or do a load of laundry or play a game or two or three .... or pick up the living room for the bajillioneth time! or do another load of laundry since I am never done. I should blog more but I just don't I hope I blog more when school starts since it will just be me and the 2 little ones. Maybe I will have more time for other things.

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H said...

Don't be sad sweet girl. You're living your life!!! Go for it and enjoy what you've got. Not blogging so you can keep up with your house, enjoy your kids and play is something you should be proud of and celebrate!

Bill just walked in the room and did a little jiggy dance to your music here. That was a site! Oh, a-ha-ha.

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