Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heights and some weights.

Ok I have these written on a mirror but not written anywhere I can remember right now so here we go.

Savannah 4/06--31.5"
Jacob 4/06--40"

Savannah 7/31/06--34.5"
Jacob 7/31/06--41.25"
Chase 7/31/06--47.5"

Chase 1/17/07--48.5"

Gillian 7/07--27.5 "-36.25
Savannah 8/07-36.5"
Jacob 8/07--44"
Chase 8/07--49.75"

Gillian 8/5/09--36"
Savannah 8/5/09--41"
Jacob 8/5/09--47.5"
Chase 8/5/09--53.5"
Jeremiah 8/5/09--25.75"

Gillian 30lbs--8/5/09
Jacob 50lbs--8/5/09
Jeremiah 20lbs--8/5/09
Chase 50lbs--8/5/09
Savannah 30lbs--8/5/09

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Monique said...

I think Owen weighs as much as is interesting that the older boys weigh the same and the girls weigh the same.

I think Ember is at the most 3 pounds lighter than Jaxen and at the most 3 inches shorter.

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