Thursday, August 28, 2008

More of Gilli's spare time

I know I should probably take more pics of my other kids but Gilli is just so funny...

box fun
daddy's gloves

what happens when I forget shes watching tv while I nest...
ok here are my other kids so I dont feel so bad.
I even have a cousin in this one....


H said...

She looks like Jacob in the box (or is that just a face he saves for his Primary teachers?!)

I love the one where she is concentrating so hard on putting the gloves on. Children are adorable when they are not up to no good.

Monique said...

Oh, at least she looks happy to be in the box. Jaxen and Ember are constantly putting Owen in (box)cars...and he crys and crys....I wonder if they will ever get that he just doesn't like it....yet.

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