Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nesting? Maybe?

11:20 AM
I happen to be in the mood to clean today and so I sent the kids off to school. Ran the dishwasher I forgot to start last night. Swept, did a load of laundry, picked up everything off the floor around the entire house, unloaded dishes, reloaded dishes, ran the dishwasher again. hung up the laundry, ate breakfast (late), started another load of laundry, sorted the rest of the laundry I want to do today, went to take down the laundry on the line and.....its not dry.... so I am now waiting and waiting for the stupid clothes to dry so I can finish the laundry I want to do. I guess you cant catch up on laundry on a day that is not hot. I am so frustrated right now, since I know I wont be in the mood later on to do a lot of laundry and catch up everything I didn't do last week. I guess I will just go make my bed and clean the bathrooms....

Now its 12:45
I cleaned both bathrooms (minus mopping since I cant really mop right now with out hurting myself) made my bed cleaned the rest of my room, the clothes still aren't dry, I am just trying to think of other stuff to do until I can finish laundry. I am really considering using the dryer...even though I really don't like to use it anymore.


H said...

You can nest over here any time you like.

The lack of sun is my excuse not to do laundry today.

Monique said...

Helena beat me to it...I was going to say you can come nest over here whenever you want. Maybe the clothes on my line will dry faster...

Crystal said...

Just wondering why you don't like to use your dryer anymore?

Bridget said...

Saves money not to use the dryer and with 4 kids, it has been saving at least $40 a month from last year using the dryer. So knowing that I just hate to use it unless I absolutely have to.

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