Monday, September 1, 2008

Diaper Dilema

I was really excited I had finally decided which cloth diapers I wanted to get they are MUCH cheaper than the rest and on eBay, but Monique was telling me that she had some like this and the leaked and she didn't like them. So now I have to decide to I buy them and see if I like them or not. or pay twice as much on some other diapers? I just don't know what to do. Maybe I will buy these other diapers from in a 5 pack and try them on Gilli and see if I like them they are almost like the other ones.


Rachel said...

Hey Bridget, How fun that you're doing cloth, I have done alota shopping for cds too so here's my advice. I got AWESOME deals on Craig's list. Of course, it's more work cause you have to drive out and see if you like them and all, but oh my they are way cheaper than buying new and usually they're in great shape.

Brand is so hard to decide on b/c it really does depend alot on your baby's shape and torso length and thigh chubbiness, etc. I always tell friends it's best to buy just a few and try them out, see if you like them for your little one. With that said, I haven't met anyone in the world who doesn't like kissuluvs in size zero for their newborns. The next size up isn't as popular, but for newbies I swear there's no beating it. We didn't have ANY leaks and Sophia wore them till she was six months (she was a small baby though). They are fitteds, so technically they need covers, which I bought but we rarely used, big deal we just felt them get damp and knew to change her! :) I just looked on Craig's list though and there's a bunch of listings, you're lucky you live in AZ where there are more hippies - I have friends in ID who can't find jack on CL b/c no on cloth diapers in ID. Sad. Anyway, if you want my opinion on any of the CL ads you look at, feel free to email them to me. I have shopped around so much and own probably twenty different brands and all the diff kinds - pocket, AIO, fitteds, you name it. So I have lots of opinions and advice that I'd love to share if you want it. Good luck! And email me at or call me at 623-570-4792 anytime!

Oh and most people love Bum Genius too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget,
I lost your e-mail for your blog awhile ago and I just found it on someone else blog. I never liked velcro especially for newborns because when you take the velcro off it startles them and makes them cry so I prefer the diapers with snaps. That's why the newborn diapers I lent you all have snaps. Good luck finding some more that you like.

Bridget said...

I think I like snaps better they just cost a bit more.

Bridget said...

Links for these are...
Cute AIO Diapers-ebay

Bella Bottoms


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