Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Name name name

So I am thinking about names still since we haven't figured it out yet. I guess I could go with Jason and have Jerom Mosiah (don't have a spelling yet that we agree on). But I was thinking of adding Benjamin as another middle name. Jerom Benjamin Mosiah.
For a girl I am still thinking Rylee but I dont have any middle names for it. I really am stumped this time around.
I dont really know I am just trying to figure out a name for this kid since it due in 2 weeks.


Monique said...

I am personally not a big fan of 2 middle names.

I like

Jarem Lee (family names are always good for me)

Jarem Elias

I think you like go with something you both like. :)

FizixMamma said...

I think Rylee is nice how about Rylee Marie or Rylee Jane I like the way they sound together.

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