Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One mess after another

ok so I don't have my coffee table anymore since the whole Christmas thing... I don't think I blogged about it since it was to upsetting. And now this.
So Gilli was playing with my lotion, my favorite lotion! So I immediately took it from her and she got mad. I chose not to care and put my lotion higher up so she could not reach well then when I was not looking she decided to throw a fit and shake my bakers rack. Knocking off my glass jar of rocks, yes a jar of rocks I used to set out on my coffee table just for a nice (dumb) decoration. So now I had glass and rocks everywhere and Gilli right in the middle. Fun! So I start to sweep and I personally don't know if I swept up more rocks or dog hair. Yuck!!! So I had to sweep the entire floor just to be sure. Well this morning I found more rocks on the floor. Which really means there could still be glass on the floor too.
Now I found Dog Throw up on my rug! Yes thats what I said. Yup! Gross!!! The dog spent the morning outside.


shaunton said...

Man that sucks! Well... try to have a good day.

Monique said...

:( I tried calling, but you must be online. Sorry you are having such a messed up could go first on Gloom though! LOL

H said...

Bill broke a jar of yeast and Tasha busted the 3 min. sand timer all in a 24 hour period. Bill cleaned them both up, nice guy...I think I'll keep him.

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