Monday, January 7, 2008

Sorta weird, fun, long, boring, and upsetting

Ok so this weekend...First we played games with the Davis' again that was fun. Then Jason got mad at me for being mean while playing. (not until they left though) Then Saturday I got up and weed eated (?ate? what do you say here hmm??) and then raked the backyard... again. (I do this and then all the stuff doesn't fit in the trash and the kids throw stuff everywhere) Then moved the trampoline so its out of the way since its broken. Fixed the fence so the dog won't get out anymore. Forgot I didn't eat breakfast so since it was noon figured I should eat. (had leftover Cajun chicken! woo hoo!) But after I ate I started feeling bad do I fed the kids lunch and took a nap...4 hours! geez I guess I didn't feel good! Then I made sure we had all the church clothes clean for Sunday since church starts early now. Then Jason wasn't helping the way I wanted him to on Sunday morning. (yes I said it he wasn't helping me MY way, :D) So I blew up and told him to help more. He got mad and left. So I had to get everyone ready by myself...late to church...again...
So then we made up and took Sunday naps. Then after naps some how we got mad at each other again (I don't remember how??) But then for some reason it got worse and worse until we finally just stopped talking and went to bed.

So that was my sorta weird, fun, long, boring, upsetting weekend... Any questions, lol.

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H said...

I think you have to say, "I did the weed eating". But that's like how do you say blow dry in the past tense? I blew dry my hair? I blow dried? I blew dried...but maybe 2 past tense verbs makes a present tense, like 2 wrongs make a right. But, then again, you were probably asking a rhetorical question about the weed eating, weren't you?!

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