Sunday, January 13, 2008

Organized and on track

ok so my days are getting a little less hectic since, like today I had all the kids bathed Saturday night and all the church clothes clean. So all we had to do was eat and get dressed and go to church. Well I had to do my hair and I forgot to shave but whatever. and Jason made breakfast and got the boys clothes and Savannah dressed and Gilli's clothes out. So all I had to do was my hair get dressed and get Gilli ready. Very nice (thanks Jason) so then we come back from church, which was fun and I actually liked Sunday school since it wasn't boring. (new teacher!) and make lunch (homemade mac and cheese) everyone takes naps. and Moe and Shaun come over for games. the only thing was I didn't have a good dinner planned but sandwiches (pb & j, bologna, tuna) worked just fine for everyone. So they go home after a great game. and I tidy up and load dishes and finish the load of laundry I had to do since Gilli leaked through her clothes and I was done. Now tomorrow I can do Jason's laundry and read scriptures all day. (maybe pick up a stroller) And I really don't have much else I HAVE to do. Woo Hoo!!! Well maybe I should plan dinner. hee hee

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