Thursday, January 24, 2008

My busy weekend!

Alright so I should have posted this a while ago but I've been kinda busy...
lets see since Saturday (after being sick for 4 days) I had Jacob's birthday party, had game night with the Davis', Church early morning, games on Sunday too. No school on Monday so that was busy (park with Moe), (thats when I French braided Savannah's hair for the first time) Then after that I was just plain tired and didn't really do a whole lot, but anyway Jacob's birthday party...
I didn't really plan the best again but I did eventually get invitations out (only a week late) then I actually got back RSVP's thats nice So then I actually think about the food and cake and time. Which I normally forget. So then I normally have to have the party late and then I am tired and dont really want to do it. and also I forget about food and end up trying to pick it up right before the party making myself late to my own party. But this time I had a good time, had the cake done early (made one so I wouldn't have to pick it up for said reason) Knew what I wanted for food and had Jason's help to pick it up early. Then at the party I watched all the kids while Jason was in charge of food. So when the kids got there I took them to the park while Jason cooked hot dogs and then we came to eat. Then back to the park while Jason cleaned and got cake ready. Then we cleaned up and did presents and then parents came it was fun and still short and sweet. I enjoyed it very much. Hardly any stress. Thats the best part.

So then I went to clean up and this is what I see. Gilli sitting the tote and I say what are you doing? And she just smiles at me. ha ha what a goof ball! I t was so funny to me that the big messy room didn't even bother me.

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H said...

Sounds like that organizing thing is working out for you :) I've been wondering where you were...and we missed you at GNO.

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