Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby dress I made

This one took a while and I wasn't sure if it would turn out well. I messed up on the first couple of rows, just like on the blanket but I talked myself into fixing it since I didn't have anything else going at the time. Then I got the order for the blanket so I made that and then finished this. Well the pattern said it took 6 oz to make and I had an old ball of 7 oz baby yarn so I was good to go. Only I ran out of yarn and the stores don't sell that color or brand anymore. So I tried the leftover yarn I had from the blanket and it didn't turn out very well at all. I think it looks yucky so I will post a pic but just know I am going to take out the dark color and wait until I figure out what to do.


Monique said...

Aww, this is cute. I think it would be a great baby naming dress. I don't see the bad color just looks like the sleeves are pink..which still look really cute.

Bridget said...

The dress is a light pink and the sleeves are a dark pink and I dont like it. Actually I dont like the sleeves either. I was just thinking I might take them out and do a different sleeve all together...less poofy I think. I dont know yet.

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