Sunday, April 15, 2012


For my Brother and Two Uncles.
They all wanted a grenade that I didn't know how to crochet and couldn't find a FREE pattern so I tried my best and came up with this...

All I could think of was a cluster stitch to use

and it sucks, I must say.
So I looked again and found THIS SITE.
Which had a wonderful grenade pattern for, yes, FREE!
It wasn't there before I swear!
But anyway here is my grenade.
It took me a long time to figure out her pattern its not very clear. (#3)
But here is what I did after making the pattern 4 times, and taking them out.
I took this one out several times too before it looked like this.

Then I made another one and I think I like mine better than hers that I tried so hard to make.
I used a Puff stitch instead of a popcorn stitch and I think its getting much closer to me liking it! I am still not sure what else to change but I will figure out how to make a good looking one.

I will have more to post I am sure LOL
Let me know what you think of each one or how you think I could make it better.

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