Sunday, February 5, 2012


I keep forgetting to blog this! I wrote it down when it happened but I never blogged it or wrote down a date it was about a month ago.
Jeremiah and I were at BK (I buy a drink and he plays and I crochet for as long as we want) When he came over to me with his Hot Wheels cars he brought. (They are fun to watch on the slide, wink wink) I asked to see them, to see what "kind" of cars they were. He told me, "They cars." So I said, "No, I want to read the bottom." He looked at the bottom of one and says, "Car slow." Then the other, "Car fast." Then shows me the bottoms and says, "See mom."
It was so cute! I laughed so hard and then told myself to write it down because I would forget. Which was true because I wrote it down and forgot about it until I cleaned out my purse.

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