Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Flowers

Just some of the newest flowers I have been trying out.

I just tried out THIS pattern, but with thread and size 7 needle. The Orange one was before I shaped it the others had been shaped. (If you can see the difference)

This one is not my favorite and it didn't even turn out like the pic on the Website I got it from.

This one I love! And I got it from HERE. I also did a longer chain to make a bigger flower.

Some bigger and smaller roses. This is my pattern I posted it HERE.
I love this pattern since its 3D. I get bored with all the flat flowers sometimes.

I like new patterns! Now to find even more!


Monique said...

I like the rose that looks filled in.

leaflet holders  said...

Different colors and different flowers are look so creative and wonderful.Al flowers patterns are so creative.

Bridget said...

Thank you

Kim said...

I love these flowers! Can you tell me where to go to get the patterns? I have been using leftover yarn to make baby hats and giving it away.

Bridget said...

The Rose is the pattern on my tutorial list to the right called Rose Earrings. The other ones I got from pinterest. I will edit my post and add the websites I got them from.

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