Monday, December 5, 2011

Jeremiah's eye

Ok I didn't want to post this until it healed, well, I really wanted to post it when it happened but I was so worried about it that I didn't want to worry anyone else.
So I waited.
Jeremiah hit his eye on Monday the 28th around 3pm in the afternoon. And it immediately swelled like a balloon (ok maybe just a golf ball) and I put ice on it and it went down and we laid there keeping ice on it and both fell asleep (I know that's bad but I couldn't help it, it just happened) So after we woke up I checked it again and it was still big but not as big so I let him take a bath and after the bath he said it hurt.
So I looked at it and it was bigger.
So I freaked out and called Jason at school and asked him what to do. He told me that he didn't think the hospital would do anything except put ice on it so I stayed home and used all the rest of our ice and it did go down but it was still big so I stayed up LATE waiting for it to go down more.
It did so I went to bed and took another pic in the morning and it seemed to be getting better, slowly but still.
Then again in the afternoon I took another pic to show it still healing slowly.
Below are two pics from Wednesday morning. As you can see he was fine. Just a black eye. But I have to say he was happy the whole time. (Except when it happened of course)
Thursday was the first day he could open his eye. YEAH!!!
Friday he had a lot of yellow and a little blue but the rest was still red.
Sunday we have a lot less red and a bunch more yellow and he can really open his eye.
Today he is almost done and he keeps saying, "My eye better- it no hurt." (Ya we need to work on speech ha ha)


Monique said...

Seriously?! Ouch! You might want to take him to an eye doctor to make sure there isn't any damage...or his ped. Eek!

Bridget said...

He actually hit his eyebrow. If you look at some of the later pics you can see a bruise on his brow too. But I have checked his eye from the first day. :)

Monique said...

It was hard to tell in that first pic. Eek. His eye is nice and white. :)

Bridget said...

Ya it was really bad. I freaked out for quite a while and stayed up very late making sure it went down a lot before going to bed. Very scary! Hes at the height that his face is right there with normal tables. Luckily the kitchen table is bigger, or I guess he will be that height later? IDK

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