Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How are you motivated?

Compelled by Authority?
(this is normally only when someone is forced by the courts to do something like anger management)
Compelled by Criticism?
(You know when someone tries to tell you your fat so you need to work out)
Intellectually aware of need for change?
Mentally and Emotionally self motivated by change?

I have found that I am kinda motivated by criticism. Only I am UN-motivated by criticism. I will not do anything that is brought up by criticism. And I do mean nothing! If you tell me my house is messy and I need to clean it I will stop any cleaning I was doing before and do nothing! If you tell me I am fat I will eat more and exercise less! Yup! I even cut my hair in high school, when a boyfriend told me he would never date a girl with short hair! Oh yes I did! I have never done well with authority and now that I am an adult I don't do it at all! I am in charge of myself and if you think you can control me YOU WONT!!! Trust me! Ya I know this is kinda personal to blog about, but its my blog and NOT that many people even read it so whatever. And if you are offended stop reading it. Thanks. And have a great day.


Monique said...

So, tell me something I don't know about you! LOL ;)

Bridget said...

You were supposed to tell me about you... ha ha but lets see something you dont know about me, hmm I cant think of anything ha ha you must know everything ha ha

Monique said...

I am motivated by guilt. I feel guilty if I eat too much, sleep too long, don't work out, etc. If I plan to do something, or have a schedule, and stuff doesn't get done I feel guilty. So, if I just do it, then I won't feel guilty. already know this about me.

Bridget said...

Ya I did already know that. Oh well I guess I didn't learn anything new. Well I did figure out that I am more unhappy with my life than my weight, but I probably already knew that too. ;)

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