Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How do I fix this?

Or do I leave it? She seems happy with it!


Monique said...

Create bangs and pull hair up with a clip or side pony tail where she cut it...that is what I would do...it looks to short to cut it that length...at least the length on the side. :/ My worst fear.

Bridget said...

Its my worst fear too, at least when Savannah did it it was under the hair and it was neck length. This is so bad AND she likes it....

Monique said...

You could try one of those cuts where it is short on one side and gradually gets longer as it goes around to the other side.

Asymmetrical bob - Google it.

Here is a good pic:


Bridget said...

hmm maybe I will give it a try? ;)

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