Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I made pillow cases for the boys today

Heres Jacob'sI forgot to take a pic before he took it to bed so here's Chase's ha ha

He wanted a star pattern on it so it looked like a magic pillow.


Monique said...

Definitely fit their personalities.

Bridget said...

Ya it cost more but I am glad I let them pick out their colors. :)

Monique said...

Is that drool on Chases pillow?

Also, do you have a pattern? I want to make one with Ember as a mommy and me type thing over the summer. Email me!

Bridget said...

no not drool just a dark cluster of "stars" lol
The main piece is 29 x 42 and the small piece is 29 x 5. (could be a different color)
cut the pieces
I folded the small piece in half and sewed it to the big piece (so it was already finished)then fold the whole thing and sew the three other sides.
Should be pretty is a pillow case ha ha jk
let me know if you need more explanation. :)

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