Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sum up

Ok I am gonna try to recap on the last month since I keep forgetting to blog. I fixed my computer about a week after Jeremiah spilled water on it. I did it myself, and it works great. I back up my stuff about every other day since I had to lose some data when my computer fried.

After I was sick Chase and Jeremiah were sick at the same time as me and Jeremiah was so sad I don't think he has been sick before he was hot and didn't know how to handle it so he just cried and cried. Chase just laid on the couch and was fine the next day like the others. But Jeremiah was sick for a couple days and I was sick for a week and then had a cough after that for at least two more weeks. Gillian got sick two more times throwing up both times and had a fever too. In fact her stomach hurt today and Jason stayed home with her from church. Everyone else went today. Yeah!!! We have missed a lot of church this last month or so since we all passed around being sick.

I have really gotten into scouts. (after being sick I was determined) I finished all my training. Bought the whole uniform and even bought most of the boys uniforms. (their still missing neckerchiefs but have everything else) I have read most of the books and ordered one more and got Jacob on a great start to getting his Bear. I am trying to help Chase catch up. (I wasn't at good of a scout mom before now) He is now a tenderfoot. And working hard to finish some Astrology stuff. Both boys went on a camp thing. Chase went camping and helped make food and went hiking and everything. Jacob went on a day camp which is just a hiking and other things day. He passed off like 3 or 4 things going and I let him take my NEW camera and he got pics too. (he didn't even break or lose it)

oh and on a small note I got my nails done again (been doing them since Christmas) and I had them done in green. ya know for my B-day...


Monique said...

Love the nails. Just got mine done, look the same...except mine were know...the color of innocence. ;)

Bridget said...

Ha ha - nice!

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