Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is it possible to type while laying down?

I guess we will see.

First Savannah was sick. All she had was a fever so I kinda didn't believe her. All I saw was a little girl that had a fever and "couldn't possibly" feel that bad. She laid on the couch for a day and kept "claiming" that she was sick.

Gillian was next but she was throwing up. And saying her tummy hurt. Crying. Throwing up, crying, over and over. All day. Then around 2 she threw up again and all of a sudden she was sleeping. Must be nice to just go to sleep whenever you want. Then around 4 she woke up and had a "I'm gonna throw up everywhere" look. And I thought to myself, Great now I am gonna have to clean up throw up. But she held it until she got to the toilet. And she did throw up a lot. Then after that she was smiling and happy and looked like Gilli again. She was fine after that.

Then Jacob woke up the next morning and I found him on the bathroom floor moaning. He said his tummy hurt and he felt like he was gonna throw up. So I said just stay in here until you do and then maybe you will feel better. Gilli just kept throwing up until she felt better, just keep throwing up Jacob until you feel better. So he stayed home and was laying on the couch all day, sick. But at bed time he came up to me and said, Mom you didn't feed me all day. I am hungry are you gonna feed me? So I told him when you are sick I will not feed you unless you actually tell me you are hungry especially when you have been throwing up. Eat something and go to bed. So he ate and went to bed, and was fine the next day.

But the weird thing is Jason came home from work that same day saying he felt sick and went to bed, sleeping all day but still made me take him to school. (if you miss days it counts off your grade) Then he came home and didn't go to work. Sleeping all the next day too. Then yesterday I woke up and he was still sick. And I felt really tired for some reason. And achy. So I got the 3 kids off to school. And fed the 2 little ones, and put a movie on. Told then mommy didn't feel very good so she was just gonna lay down for an hour or so and then we could play. I woke up and heard the kids talking so I went down stairs and saw the 3 big kids were home. So I looked at the clock and it was almost 4pm. I had slept all day and didn't even realize it. I felt awful but I didn't know I was that bad. I asked the kids where Daddy was and no one knew so I called him and he was at the Urgent care cuz he wasn't getting better after 3 days. They told him he had an upper respiratory infection. So after he came home he went back to bed and slept waking up later telling me that "I" need to go get his prescription for him since he was too sick to "get back up". So even though I felt like crap and knew I was sicker or at least the same. I got bundled up (two shirts, sweat pants and a jacket) and went to the car to drive "all the way" to Fry's. Two whole miles seemed like forever. So as I got in the car that had been sitting in the sun all day. I realized I felt so much better sitting in there with all the windows up and three layers of clothes on. So I sat in there for a "couple" minutes. (I don't actually know how long it was and I think I fell asleep for a while. Seriously it felt SO good!) Then I drove to Fry's (I think I went 30 the whole time? I don't actually remember) Then walking to the pharmacy was so hard I think I looked like a grandma that has a bad back and legs and everything else. I finally got to the counter and asked for his meds. There was no one there and it still seemed like forever. But I got them and walked...very slowly... back to the car. All the while thinking, Why in the world do they keep Fry's SO DANG COLD??? Then getting back in the car. I realized how good it felt again and sat there for while, again. Honestly it felt SO GOOD! I somehow got home. I don't really remember driving. Threw his meds at him and went back to bed. I took my temp and it was only 102... you know not too bad...ya right. So then Jason comes downstairs and he's dressed for school! yes I said dressed for school! I had to go get his meds but he could go to school! I was so mad that I ...started falling asleep...I guess I was more sick than I cared to be mad. Oh well. Then he asks me to read the instructions cuz he can't. So what do I do? I sit up and read the whole front and back instructions. Typed in like 6 font. And cant find any dosage instructions. So I tell him either call or just take one and be done. I don't care anymore. So he says just give me one, so I pull the pills out and there on the back is how to take them...very frustrated now. Anyway. He left for school and I fell asleep on the couch. (Its better then in my bed upstairs, right?) The kids woke me up at hmm I don't even know what time it was but it was dark out. That cant be good. They all claimed they were hungry. Well let me think when was the last time I fed you? hmm I haven't ate anything all day so....yesterday? I really don't remember right now. So I asked Chase to just make ramen for everyone. He looked at me like I asked him to cure cancer or do brain surgery! So I tried to walk him through it as best I could from the couch and being halfway asleep. I don't remember how it turned out I think I was sleeping again?? Then Chase woke me up to tell me it was bedtime so I told the kids to go to bed. And turn off all the lights on there way. Hoping that after all this time they could do that by themselves. Nope. They were fighting and yelling and so I tried to yell over them to get them to stop and made my head hurt so bad, that I started crying and all my kids just looked at me like What Did We Do??? Then I saw them all go to bed. (NTS: cry if you want your kids to do something) Then I woke up "later" hungry so I tried to walk to the kitchen, do you know how hard this is when you haven't walked for half the day? Made the chicken noodle soup I bought the day before for Jason. ha ha And had to SIT UP while eating it, can you believe I had to sit up after walking all the way to the kitchen?!? UG! Then after I ate I felt a little better and realized that I stunk really bad! Maybe it was the three layers of clothes and comforter I was bundled in all day??? So I walked upstairs....slowly....and took my clothes off....slowly....and started to take a shower then Jeremiah came in and said, "Me ower?" so being the nice...stupid mommy, I say yes. So he takes his diaper off and starts to come in and then says, "no ower, mommy" and ran off. Then Gilli came in crying and said she wants to shower with me and you think I would have learned the first time, but I didn't. So I say yes again. And she cried the whole time either about how the water felt or the soap in her eyes, it wasn't she just cried that it was. Then I made her get out and she just cried that her towel wasn't keeping her warm. Oh my I think I have had all I can handle of the crying! Then Jason walks in and asks Gilli if she wants help. (if Jason is home then its midnight, oops) so he help the kids get back into bed while I finished showering. And we all went to bed. I thought that since I felt a little better last night that I would feel better this morning but I feel worse again. I have blown my nose a gazillion times and and I have coughed so many times that my lower abdomen hurts before I even start to cough again. And even while being in the fetal position.

So if you want to come over and clean my house and take care of my kids and have a chance of getting sick, then come over, please.

PS this only took me 2 hours to type and I stopped a couple times cuz I was too tired to type. It is actually 10:45 now.


Monique said...

You sound like me last week. Except for the sick husband and 12 am shower. a T. Weird.

Bridget said...

How long did you feel bad? I am on the end of day two and afraid day three is gonna be the same.

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