Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can't sleep

Well actually Gilli is keeping me up she screams and cries all night long. For no reason that I cant figure out and she just tells me she doesn't know why shes crying. She has had a blessing and I even prayed with her tonight to see if we could figure something out. But to no avail she just screams and cries every couple of minutes. the longest she has gone was about 30 min. I am hoping she can stop. Without me figuring out what is wrong and it wont matter, but this is something she does at least once a week or more. Jason normally doesn't even notice, and just sleeps right through. But I cant sleep through it and I just try to tell her to calm down and stop or just ignore her when comforting doesn't work. Nothing seems to work anyway. Whether I get up with her or not doesn't make her stop. Most of the time she doesn't even seem to be awake. Sometimes I want to scream and cry after she starts. Because I know it will just keep going all night long. So tonight I decided to play on the web instead of crying and screaming. But I am really tired and just want to sleep. S l e e p . . . I w a n t s l e e p . . . . s o b a d l y . . .

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Monique said...

That sucks.

Ember has been getting up every night at least once or twice just to come in and see if one of us will lay with her. We have to get up and walk her back to her room.

The kids also get up at like 6:30 now that the sun is shining into their rooms so bright and early.

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