Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pregnancy vs Baby

Pregnancy-extra table for plates and cups (tummy!)
Baby- cant put plates and cups on baby and spill when you eat with baby

Pregnancy-carry baby all day every day and never lose an arm
Baby- lose arm, chest and a hip

Pregnancy- ignore baby all night and you sleep
Baby- ignore sleep all night and feed baby

Pregnancy-eat whatever, whenever
Baby-eat when baby's not eating or scarf food as baby starts to cry

Pregnancy-kids poke belly just hurts you
baby-kids poke baby and now you have to feed baby again to get back to sleep while baby cries

Pregnancy-no extra clothes or diapers or laundry or bathing
Baby- all extra! ^

Pregnancy-no period for 9 months
baby-bleeding longer and heavier than normal period

Pregnancy- no tummy sleeping after a couple months
Baby-lots of tummy sleeping

Pregnancy-no dieing hair
baby- can now die hair

Pregnancy-baby kicks ribs
baby- kicks air

Pregnancy-hiccups affect both mom and baby
Baby- only affect baby

Pregnancy-cant bend over and do things
baby- can now bend all you want

Pregnancy- heightened smell
Baby-goes away

Pregnancy-hard to cook
Baby-people bring you food! no cooking!

May be continued if I find more...


Marie said...

Awe! I loved that, and agree with every single one!

H said...

Very cute!

Pregnant: puking, peeing, sensitive stomach with nothing cute to look at.
Baby: No more puking, pee when you get a chance, and adorable infant that smells really good (most of the time).

Sara said...

Very funny, Bridget. I was feeling crummy at church today and I looked back at you now holding your cute baby but still looking tired and I thought to myself that maybe I shouldn't be in such a rush. I'll still feel crummy once it's out, just in different ways! I guess I'll just focus on being able to bend over and have people bring me food. (Oh yeah, and how about that adorable infant part!)

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