Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jeremiah's birth

So I had been having contractions for a couple weeks and they were still very random. But Saturday night they started getting closer so I started timing them and around 2 AM they were every 10 min so I told Jason that we were getting close and I would let him know when we needed to go. Then I fell asleep (amazingly enough) And startled myself awake at 5 AM and then felt a snapping noise and my water broke. So we went to the hospital and the nurse said I was 6 cm so I kept having contractions and the doctor checked me at 10 AM and I was still 6 cm. But right before he came in my contractions started getting closer and stronger. When the nurse checked me at 11 or so, I was 8 and I started giving up on doing a natural birth, because the contractions really really hurt. But Monique and Jason helped me through. So the nurse came back and checked me at noon and I was almost 9 cm and Jeremiah was born at 12:23 pm. The contractions hurt so bad, but when they made me want to push it felt so good. (I guess I should say so much better)

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