Monday, March 17, 2008

Woo Hoo!! My Birthday!!

Ok so I love my clothes line and managed to do all my laundry Friday and Saturday and I have about 14 loads a week. I made Amish Friendship bread and Fresh lemonade. Curled my hair for Church even though it starts at 9.
I finished Jacob's Star of the week even though I forgot about it. (and even though the picture I wanted wouldn't come up since I had Moe take it with her camera) And got the boys to school on time with homemade lunches. I watered the garden and threw a load of blankets in since Gillian and Savannah like to leak out of their diapers every night. I am making sure I can make extra bread on Thursday for Jason's home teaching families. Moe gave me stickers for my scriptures. (Thank you very much) and I have been putting them on this morning too. I did dishes too. and its only noon.

Here are the pics I used for Jacob's Star of the week.


Monique said...

That pic is soo dark, you should have called me and I would have emailed it to you...wait, never mind, it was on your card!


Helena said...

Holy crap girl, settle're making us look bad! Unless, of course, you are like me and what goes up must come down, hard. Happy day to you!

NiteMare409 said...

Happy Birthday

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