Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So I mentioned how Trae was opening the window and just kept doing it no matter what I said well this is really why. Because she was sneaking out and Taylor was reopening it for her to get back in. Ya thats right Trae likes to sneak out and hang out with Brandon in the middle of the night and just be out at the park waiting for a gang to come and do whatever to her. After she lied for 45 min she finally told the truth but even then said its not a big deal. UGGG!!! I cannot handle teenagers!!! And since they are not mine I could not smack her mouth for lying like I wanted to. Taylor kept lying too and to top off her lie she kept saying "Honestly, I didn't open the window I was sleeping." I was so livid that she just kept saying honestly over and over when I was like ya right you BIG FAT LIAR!!!


NiteMare409 said...

Umm... When I was a kid... yeah I snuck out too...

And that is how I almost went to jail, and how I could have gotten married before I was 18, and yeah how I got my butt kicked by an angry mother

H said...

Jacob let us know on Sunday about the sneaking out. Sorry abou that. If it helps, someone told me that ALL teenagers lie...it's just something they do. That probably doesn't help though, it didn't help me when Billy was lying to me! I feel for ya lady.

One of the killer bunnies (Shaunton) said...

That is pretty scary! As a teenager I went out several times. Just can't wait for teenager years, and THAT'S SCARY!

Davey said...

Hi Bridget,

I just wanted to share my experience with you I hope it helps but if not just throw it away.

When I was a young teenager I used to sneak out all the time to hang out with the neighborhood girls. In the summer it was like every night. I'm not going to say it was okay and I don't want to excuse their behavior because for me it wasn't long before I'd be gone for days and weeks at a time which in the long run was a precursor of even more irresponsibility; but I will say that it's good news for you when your kid starts sneaking out because it means you don't have to try to beat lessons into their heads anymore. Whether you're ready and whether they're ready is one thing but the fact remains that they're sending a clear message that that they'll be making a lot more decisions without you from now on thank you very much. Which, as I mentioned is a good thing. My mom used to just beg us to knock on her door and let her know we were leaving at like 1am and we wouldn't do it. It was the purest form of obstinance that we had permission and still found a way to be aggravating. My mom would have felt like a huge success if she could have just got us to let her know when we were leaving and when we were coming back. It was pretty hard for my parents when their "rules" turned into "advice", but they did ok. The message I got from my mom was that she loved me and in the end it was only her love that ever brought me home.

Keep up the good work, your kids will appreciate it later more than they can ever guess now.

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