Friday, February 8, 2008


Ok so I didn't even want to go to Chase's concert by the time that Thursday came. But I did just because I am the mom that goes to all the concerts and things I am supposed to. So Jason doesn't feel good and says I can leave Gilli with him thats nice since she would just want to run around anyway. So I just take Jacob and Savannah and we get there early. Great! I like to be early so I can get a good seat. NOT! They planned a concert right before Chase's So even though we got there early to find a good seat, we all had to wait outside in the cold until the concert is done. UUGG! Then after its done we have to shove our way in and try to beat everyone at the same time for a seat. Then after we find a seat. Jacob and Savannah tell me they need a drink in the back of the room by the door, we just came in. UUGG! So I tell them I can see them go quickly and come back. 10 min later they come back and Savannah is crying that she didn't get a big drink because Jacob didn't help her. UUGG! So I tell them to just wait. So everyone sits down and the concert starts and all of a sudden everyone comes to the front to take pics and they just stand there. So no one else can see. UUGG! So now I have to be rude and tell them to sit down. I try to get some pics in and they don't come out right since I am far back. So I tell Jacob and Savannah stay here and I will be right back. I go up front and SIT DOWN and take a couple pics. I come back and Jacob and Savannah are being horrible! And for the rest of the time they were horrible! UUGG! Climbing on things, talking loud, laying on the floor, whining! I was so embarrassed, and still they would not be good. So its finally over and we go to get Chase and the music teacher says, oh no wait some more while I call the teachers names and then come get your student. So I wait and wait and guess who she calls last! Mrs. Wold! UUGG! Yup we were last again! I hate concerts and I hate trying to take my kids I think next time I will just go by myself and then I only need one seat and not 3 to 5.

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