Saturday, February 2, 2008

My slow sucky day.

I am already sad since it was Hinckley's funeral today and then the kids gave me such a hard time getting ready to go. Then we get there and they were just awful the whole time we were there. And the girls decided to fall asleep while we were there, how rude is that. So we come home and I know your going to judge me but I made them stand in the corner for 30 min. Then I made them all lay down after lunch. But even that didn't even make them want to be good I woke up from my short "nap" to hear Jacob and Savannah fighting. So I get up and Jacob is sitting on Savannah's pony and telling her "No I'm not!!!!" And She's screaming "Yes you are!!!"
All I wanted was a nap since I had to keep getting up since Gilli kept screaming. And do you know why??? Because Trae kept opening the window and made it freezing in their room. Even after I woke her up and said "Do NOT open this window again!!!" She still did it anyway. Then after I take the Girls to the mall, I came back and took the kids to the park across the street and as I was watching the kids play I saw two dogs roaming about. (not strays just stupid dogs that always get out) So I am glancing back and forth ad I see one dog grab something and shake it around like a chew toy. So after they run off I asked Jacob to go see what the brown thing was... it was a cat, it killed it, it was not completely dead at the time but it was walking and now it is in the gutter dead. I hate that I saw this happen I really am sensitive right now and this just really hurt me.

Also I have not been feeling well all day I have been having crampy pains in my back all afternoon and evening now.

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Shaunton said...

Not a good day...Now my stomach hurts.

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