Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ok so this was my lunch conversation...

J: Mommy she is the skinniest member of our family, hehehehehe. (a mini Barbie from McD's)

C: Who is the fattest member?

J: Me!

B: No, I think I am, Jacob.

J: Why?

B: Because I had 4 babies.

J: Trae had 90 million babies! hahahahaha

T: I don't have any babies?!?!

B: Trae can't have babies, she's not married, right Trae?

T: he he, yup, thats right.

J: Why?

B: Because you cant have babies unless your married, thats the rule.

J: Thats funny, Chase had 90 million babies hahahahahaha

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